Products of conception chromosomal microarray analysis | CMA

Test Details Affymetrix CytoScan HD assay with genomic DNA extraction to detect small gains and losses across the entire genome. A genomic imbalance is ALWAYS REPORTED when deletions are greater than 200 kb and duplications are greater than 500 kb, unless they represent a region clearly associated with benign copy number polymorphism in multiple independent studies. Regions of LCSH are reported when they are greater than 10 Mb. Deletions smaller than 200 kb and duplications smaller than 500 kb are NOT REPORTED, unless they involve regions of the genome with clear clinical significance.
Methodology Chromosomal microarray analysis
Performed Monday – Friday
Turnaround 21 – 28 days
Specimen Requirements Products of conception (POC)
Sample Collection Skin: Collect 3-4mm_ skin biopsy (about the size of a pencil eraser) and place in 50ml tube with transport media (provided by the cytogenetics lab). Villi: Collect 1 cm_ placenta by sterile procedure, and place in 50ml tube with transport media (provided by the cytogenetics lab).
Storage/Transport Conditions Room temperature with sterile tissue culture media
Unacceptable Conditions Speciments older than 48 hours, frozen specimens, inappropriate or absent media, contaminated specimens, necrotic specimens, non-viable tissue, specimens with heavy maternal cell admixture
Special Instructions POC specimens should be representative of fetal, rather than maternal tissue
CPT Code(s) 81229×1; Optional reflex karyotype available if microarray is normal: if requested add CPT codes 88233, 88291, 88262 and 88280 (all x 1)