B-cell ALL panel | FISH

Test Details Detects common gene rearrangements associated with B-cell ALL: ETV6/RUNX1 t(12;21), BCR/ABL t(9;22), KMT2A (MLL) 11q23, CEP4, 10, 17, TCF3 t(1;19)/t(17:19), CDKN2A del(9)(p21), IGH 14q32
Relevant condition(s) Bcell ALL
Methodology Fluorescence in-situ hybridization
Performed Monday – Saturday
Turnaround 3 – 5 days; STAT FISH performed within 24 – 48 hours
Specimen requirements Suspension FISH on Bone marrow, Bone core, Lymph node or Peripheral Blood ONLY
Sample collection In sterile 15 mL sodium heparin (green-top) vacutainer tube collect 1 – 2 mLs bone marrow; 5 – 10 mLs blood; 0.5 – 1.0 cm2 biopsy (bone core; lymph node); invert tube immediately after collection to prevent clots
Minimum sample volume 0.5 mLs bone marrow; 2 mLs blood
Storage/Transport Conditions Room temperature
Unacceptable Conditions Frozen specimens, clotted or hemolyzed specimens, inappropriate tube type, paraffin sample; Will not be accepted after three days
Special Instructions Refrigerate if sample cannot be delivered within 24 hours; Send to Rapid Response or SLCH Central Receiving
CPT Code(s) 88291×1, 88237×1, 88271×17, 88275×7